/noun [feminine] / mɔnˈtuːɐ / [pl.] Monturen / [coll.] Austria, southern Germany / derived from french monture


/translates to: gear, outfit, uniform (utilitarian clothes)


/The powerful appearance of martial functionality is mostly derived by its suggestion of ability. An ability that is carried on by the archaic stereotype of the warrior. This iconic symbolism that state-of-the-art military gear still represents today, is intensively linked to masculinity, as are most symbols of power. By disaffecting this contained suggestion of ability from masculine military gear and transcribing it toward the female wearer, MONTUR is challenging to whom this empowerment should apply to, and how to make use of imagery that is ultimately derived from the despicable act of war and killing. The use of out-of-place materials (eg. sequins in a camouflage pattern) is cynical in its way of upholding the garments iconic appearance but rendering it practically useless for any tactical application. The alteration of state-of-the art military gear in such manners provides the (female) wearer with its very powerful suggestion of ability, while questioning the violent way of its heritage.





/Pictures: Marcella Ruiz Cruz + Marlene Mautner

/Model: Naa Teki Lebar



look 1

Camouflage sequin shirt

with tan coloured rip-stop reinforcments /


black wool pants

with black rip-stop facings and knee-pads /



made of aluminium coated kevlar and white leather trimmings /

look 2

Camel hair jacket

with picatinny rail closures /



made of hand painted pvc /


denim vest

with fringed holes backed with aluminium coated kevlar /

look 3

Transparent rain coat

with hand painted camouflage /


black neoprene chest rig


black lycra shorts

look 4

leather jacket

natural crème leather with aluminium coated kevlar inlay /


camo sequin slip dress


tactical leather clutch

with mil-spec picatinny rail, one point gun sling and flashlight /

look 5

14oz denim jacket

with bleached camo print /


tan wool pants

with beige rip-stop reinforcments and knee-pads /


red strapless top

look 6

Two piece camo wool suit


black leather subload pouch

with brushed aluminium trimmings /

look 7

Long-sleeve lycra body

with sequin sleeves /


tactical ballistic-vest

made of camouflage sequin fabric /


14oz jeans

with fringed holes reinforced with aluminium coated Kevlar /

look 8

Tan coloured crop-top

with sequin inlays /


14oz denim jeans

with bleached camo print /


black leather shoulder holster


black buff belt

tactical clutch

embossed gun-slide and mil-spec aluminium picatinny rail assembled with one-point gun sling and tactical flashlight /


aluminium coated kevlar backed with merino wool and white leather applications assembled with custom aluminium trimmings and black tube straps /


© Raphael Caric